Beautiful British flowers – grown at home – no chemicals – not flown around the world

A few years ago I decided to copy my neighbour and grow a c9uple of rows of zinnia for cut flowers in the house. I grew more varieties the next year and so on until I realised that I was enjoying selecting flowers for each arrangement. Thus, my passion grew until a seed of an idea started to niggle at me and I began to wonder if I could actually ‘do flowers’ on a grander scale. I started to grow more and more until the old veggie patch had disappeared and butterflies and bees took up residence. After foisting my early efforts on work colleagues and friends I was off.
I am not a professionally trained florist but I just love what I do and I hope this shows in the style of my work. All the flowers and foliage that go into my flower arrangements has been picked from my cutting garden and house garden