1 thought on “Ponderings from the Patch”

  1. Having just arrived back from sunnier climes where palm trees and hibiscus are the order of the day, the mud and rain in the Pang Valley is a little disheartening. However, the sun peeped through at the weekend long enough to ruffle my flower fingers so I found myself in the ‘Patch’. The many, many tulips which were planted at the end of the year (helped by the other half as oneself was post foot surgery and should really have been loafing on the couch with a good red) are now bursting through the sodden earth to herald the arrival of many spring flower arrangements. The narcissi are bravely pushing upwards and the ranunculus are making themselves known too. I have actually picked some beautiful anenomes which have been flowering intermittently all winter. They are just gorgeous and once in the vase will grow taller and plumper. Freesias planted last year are finally starting to earn their keep so I have high hopes for Spring. My sweet peas are sown and the fabulous selection of Antirrhinum are also on their way – can’t wait for Giant White as it was one of my favourites last year. Just have fingers crossed that the mice don’t eat my sweet peas…..

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